#NaNoWriMo check in!

It’s Sunday night, and it’s time for me to go to bed.  I’ve finished another 1700 words, and I’m feeling pretty good about this story.  It’s the end of day 5, and I’ve been maintaining the 1700 words-a-day pace.  If I can keep this up, I will reach my goal.

I really like this story!  This one might have some potential.  A few of my oldest friends and my family will probably remember my old Arthur Kane stories.  This retelling is taking the best parts that I can remember, and injecting a whole bunch of other sci-fi ideas I’ve had over the years, mixing it into something fresh and new.

This is a lot of fun.  And just for fun, I’ll share the first two paragraphs.  I think it sets the tone pretty well.


The stench of stale beer and old cigar smoke rolled over me as I ducked into the bar. Broken lights and motionless ceiling fans made shadows that pooled at the feet of empty tables. A mechanical server stood behind a counter, its single optic directed towards me like an accusation. A perfect place to meet a client that wanted discretion. Also not a bad place to get drunk alone.
I walked deeper into the establishment, my eyes still adjusting to the dim light. A couple of regulars sat at the bar. Not close enough to each other to be friends. Not far enough away to be strangers. They looked like hard men, grizzled and work weary. They bent over their glasses like their salvation rested at the bottom. One had darker skin than the other. One had more gray in their hair near their temple. Neither turned to look at me. They wrapped themselves in disinterest, a kind of apathy that could shield them from anything that might drag them out of their drink. I didn’t have to study them long to know what kind of men they were. And to know that they weren’t the ones I’d come to see.

I’m having a lot of fun with this story.  I’m a little worried I’m going to fall behind tomorrow, since I have band in the evening.  But if so, I’ll catch up.