Books and Stories

I recently sold The Repossessed Ghost! Coming this Summer, published by Water Dragon Publishing, an imprint of Paper Angel Press.

Most people see themselves when they look in a mirror. But when Mel Walker sees his reflection, he also finds whatever spirits of the dead that may be around.

After seeing a ghost in the rear view mirror of a car he stole, Mel has had to look over his should and go on the run. First when he became a suspect in a murder. Next when he became involved with a group of unusual people the FBI think are murderers.

Whether in New Orleans or Sacramento, Mel must watch his back to stay one step in front of the law. But he doesn’t have to do it alone. Kate is always there by his side, whether either of them like it or not.

How long can Mel stay on the run? Will Mel be able to help Kate, even if it means risking jail? When it’s a ghost you accidentally repossess instead of a car, anything can happen.

The Repossessed Ghost will be available everywhere in mid-July. If you’d like to get it early and have it signed by me, visit me at Baycon 2023 in Santa Clara.

My short story Unclaimed Goods is published in Tales From the Goldilocks Zone, edited by Polly Alice McCann.

I also have a few short stories posted here, if you’re interested in a sample of my writing.