Catching Up and Moving Forward

When I don’t write, the depression gets me. I’ve known this for a long time, and I’m sure I’ve talked about it before. With everything that happened last year, I froze up and stopped writing. My mood became darker and darker, my emotions more erratic. It got bad.

But now I’m writing again. A couple weeks ago, I finished the first draft of a project I was supposed to finish by May of 2020. I’m editing it now, trying to get it under 14,000 words.

I want to start blogging again. I want to get back to feeling like myself.

In no particular order, here is a list of accomplishments and changes that help me return to the person I want to be:

  • Got my 2nd Moderna shot on May 4th
  • Returned to working 4 days a week at the office
  • They gave me an actual office at work
  • Writing at Starbucks on Wednesday evenings and Sunday mornings again
  • Finished the first draft of Dead Weight: Air Superiority
  • Continued to contribute to a writing group borne out of Writing Excuses Alumni
  • Committed to the Writing Excuses Retreat later this year
  • Lost close to 15 pounds since the beginning of May
  • Walked so much on the treadmill that I burned out the motor

I’m leaving out a lot, but you get the idea. I’m moving forward again.

Once I finish this edit of Air Superiority and pass it on to Michael, I’ll need to figure out the next project. There’s a short story I outlined while on the cruise that I’m a little bit excited about. There’s a fantasy novel I tried in 2011 before I had the skill to see it through. I still need to work on the 2nd draft of Synthetic Dreams. I’ve also been thinking strongly about looking at The Repossessed Ghost for self-publishing. As an Urban Fantasy, that’s really the only way it’ll ever get published.

This is going to be a busy summer. I hope I have more good writing news to share soon.