I’m a Guest!

Holy cow!  I wrote something for someone else!

Here is a link: Leasspell – The WordWright Guild

Jennifer Carson invited me to write a guest blog post.  It was the first time I’ve ever been invited to do something like that, and I felt honored and privileged.  Seeing something I wrote in someone else’s space… this feels almost as good as getting published.

The title of the post is Pride of the Writer, which is a follow up to Fears of the Writer.

Jennifer is one of those people you need in your life when you’re a writer.  She is experienced and knowledgeable in the field, both in editing and writing.  She is genuinely kind without being saccharine.  She provides praise when its earned.  She’s also unafraid to tell you when you’ve gone astray, being firm without being cruel.  She is more interested in helping a writer tell their story, rather then inject her own.

I know these things about Jennifer, because she was one of the pros at the last writer’s workshop I attended.  She’s maintained contact, expressing interest in the progress of The Repossessed Ghost.

Please visit her blog.  She has a number of interesting and entertaining posts.  Also, she had some really nice things to say about me, and the only way you’ll get to see what she said is to visit.