WorldCon Notes Posted!

I procrastinated, and I waited, and I floundered for a long time.  Finally, I’ve taken all of my handwritten notes from all of the panels I’ve attended since Reno, and I’ve organized them and posted them here.

There’s a new navigation section at the top called “Convention Notes.” Under that, there’s a section for every convention I’ve attended.  Within each of those sections are the notes.

I thought that I’d taken notes at a panel at Westercon, but I’m unable to find them.  It may be that I opened up my laptop, but never wrote anything down.

On a different note, I rearranged the way I’m doing my sample pages.  I’ve scrubbed away the remaining boiler plate language and added another piece of short fiction I wrote for a game several years ago called “The Diary of Jacob Descarte.”