No More Solitaire

I have a 20% win rate at Solitaire, with 1000 wins.  This is an unsettling statistic, if you think about how many games of Solitaire I’ve played.  I’m thankful that the statistics screen doesn’t tell me how many hours that equates to.  Of course, now that I’ve said that, I immediately have to open a calculator, figure 2 minutes per game for 5000 games, and come up with around 166 hours.

Writing at a pace of 1000 words per hour, that could have translated into 166,000 words, or 3 short novels.

That’s not a fair way of looking at things, though, and I know it.  I’m sure I have some friends that would say it’s a perfectly fair way of looking at it, but it’s not.  I need to have some downtime.  I need to take breaks, and take days off.  That time off adds up.  Those Solitaire statistics started February of this year, which means I’ve wasted time on average about 6 hours per week.

Alright, that’s still kind of bad.  Does it help if I mention that I play Solitaire while watching Netflix?

No, I don’t think it helps, either.

When I hit 1000 wins, with just under 5000 games played, I decided that I wouldn’t play Solitaire anymore.  Since making that decision (a few days ago), I’ve stayed true.  I’m good at following rules I set for myself.

But I’m still looking for distractions.

I find myself reading the news all the time.  I find myself watching YouTube videos, and reading through Facebook.  Sometimes, I even open up Google+.

I’m not sure if I’m trying to procrastinate, or if I’m just looking for something mindless so that I can unwind.

But I know that I’m not going to open up Solitaire anymore.