Progress on Several Fronts

Melissa and I made to Oregon without any problems last night. We came in just before 11PM, got our room, and promptly crashed. While Melissa is on vacation until Monday, I’m working Thursday and Friday. I’ve worked from this hotel before, so I knew coming in that it wouldn’t be a big deal.

Speaking of work, I was able to deploy something to production today. There’s a feature that’s been about 90% successful the last few months. In this industry, that missing 10% is basically an F grade. It’s bad, and I’ve spent a bunch of time and energy trying to get it fixed. Especially this week, where I changed course and tried a completely different way to solve the problem.

It worked in Dev, and now it’s working for a site that was completely broken in production. It was a very low risk deployment, but it feels great to see the effort realized on the screen. When I’m done writing this post, I’m going to do some more work, deploying the updated product to another trouble site. It’s pretty exciting.

One of the mental health care liaisons from UC Davis called me today. We had a good chat, and she pointed me in the right direction to see a psychiatrist for an evaluation and also find a new therapist. In some ways, this is the most significant progress on any front I made today, though I still need to make some phone calls on my own in order to take the next step. It would be really great to have my depression under control, and to have additional tools at my disposal to deal with those times when I lack executive function.

This evening, I joined Melissa at her Mom’s place and I fixed her TV. Melissa and I are back at the hotel now. She’s on the bed reading. I’m at this cruddy table, using my work laptop to finish all the things I still need to finish.

Twenty for twenty as far as Blog-tober is concerned. Not too bad. Yesterday was the most likely day for me to miss, but today could have been a miss as well, considering all the work I have in front of me, and diminished capacity to do that work. My laptop screen is small.

Today’s post feels lame to me, but that could be because this is sort of the middle slog. The middle of every story is the hardest part to write, because so much has happened yet there’s still so much to resolve. There is uncertainty. That’s how the middle of this month feels.