The Incredible Brian David Gilbert

Let me begin by saying that if somehow, you ARE Brian David Gilbert, I’m not a stalker. I’m just a fan. I hope a page on some stranger’s blog about you doesn’t creep you out.

With that out of the way, I’m going to talk a little bit about BDG, and why he’s the topic today.

First, this isn’t going to be an exhaustive look at his life. There is a Polygon fan page that does a better job of that than I ever could. I’m going to talk about his art and a little bit of what I know about him (again, this information is derived from publicly accessible information, I am NOT stalking him).

I’m certain my first exposure to BDG’s particular flavor of comedy came from one of his Unraveled videos when he was still with Polygon. I don’t remember which one was my first, but they’re all incredible. My favorite is probably the one where he breaks down the qualities of Waluigi.

BDG’s talent was obvious to me, and so I sought out more videos on YouTube featuring him. I found his personal channel, and watched everything he posted, including his video audition to Polygon and apparently, his first viral video. It’s short, so I’ll embed it, too.

Also on his channel is a series he created called Dances Moving! which I highly recommend people watch. BDG showcases his storytelling talent in this series, and it’s ending is honestly quite powerful. The final episode features a song that is in my Favorites list on Spotify, and if you haven’t watched the series, don’t just jump to the end. Watch the whole thing. It’s not that long, and it delivers a surprisingly emotional punch.

That’s the thing about BDG. His art will surprise you. He has very strong comedy chops, but he’s not afraid to branch into horror. One of my favorites is where he becomes his own boss.

He can write. He can sing. He can play the hurdy-gurdy. He can sing about Pokemon, turning it into a real gesamtkunstwerk. If you’re wondering what that is, click the link to watch the video. He explains it well.

As a talented individual named Brian myself, I look at BDG and draw comparisons. He went to school and got a degree in creative writing, and he had ambitions to write novels. I went to school and while I did not get the degree, I have completed three novels. He and I both spent time on stage doing musicals, though I think he took it much farther than I did. And… uh… we’re both named Brian. I don’t actually know him, so that’s all I really know that we have in common.

This weekend, I realized who BDG really reminds me of. It’s Tim Curry. They have different styles and strengths, but I think if someone wanted to cast a young Tim Curry in a role, they would do well calling on BDG. Here’s a picture of Tim Curry from The Worst Witch.

Here’s a quick screenshot I took from one of BDG’s Aaaaaba songs posted last year.

Trust me on this. If someone were foolish enough to try and remake Rocky Horror Picture Show, BDG would be an excellent choice as Frank N Furter. He’s got the range to pull it off.

I could say more about BDG’s videos, but maybe you’re still wondering why I’m talking about him in the first place. It’s a funny story. BDG’s videos entertain me, and I often share them with Melissa. Whenever Melissa sees one of BDG’s videos or tries to talk to me about him, she says, “Oh, that’s your friend Brian.” It makes me laugh every time. I shared with her BDG’s latest videos, which are cover/monster parodies of a couple of Bee Gee’s songs, and when she referred to BDG as my friend again last night, I knew what today’s topic was going to be.

So that’s it! BDG has a ton of videos on YouTube. He has a Patreon. I love the art he puts out, and while he’s not actually my friend, he seems like a really cool guy to me, and I hope he’s having a great time.