Random Thoughts Thursday

  • The best evidence I have that Melissa and I have been good parents is our children themselves.  They are good people that are conscientious, assertive in their own ways, and smart.
  • Going out on Thursday to set up for a Halloween party on Friday is one way to use an entire evening.  I was going to try and write, but there just wasn’t time tonight.
  • I am definitely not going to make my word count goal for the end of this month.
  • A week from tomorrow, I go to Convolution.  I’m very excited about this!
  • In two weeks, I go back to Albuquerque for some work stuff.  There’s a big solar power research thing at Scandia that my company is involved with, that I’m writing the software for.
  • I’m doing really well at work.  For all of the changes that have taken place, and that are still to come, it’s still a fantastic place for me to work and be happy.
  • I get to go back to my old doctor soon.  For the last year, I haven’t been able to because Blueshield decided to mess with the benefits it offered, and it was very painful.  They’re switching things back, which means I get to go back to my UC Davis doctor.
  • There is a Halloween party at my house tomorrow, so there will be about 20 teenagers running around, being teenagers.  I’m going to be wearing a crown, and I’ll be barbecuing hamburgers and hotdogs.  I will literally be The Burger King.
  • Blog-tober is nearly finished, and thank goodness, because it’s actually been getting harder and harder to think of subjects for the daily blog posts.
  • The name of my main character in my November project is Mel Walker.  That name means nothing to most people, but there are a couple of people that know that name, and might possibly be excited to know that I’m going to write that story.


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