Dusting off the Cob Webs

Well, I’ve been busy.

I brought in the New Year with a virus and some inherited problems at work.  The amount of work was honestly insurmountable, and I’ve been working very long nights and most weekends in order to try and get it all done.  It still isn’t quite finished, but I’ve been making it a point to not stay as late on Wednesdays, so that I can write at least one evening of the week.

I haven’t done a lot of new writing, but I’ve been editing my “Unclaimed Goods” story.  I think it’s almost ready to send out.  I sent it to the people that worked on it with me during the Writer’s Workshop at Convolution, and the feedback I’ve received so far has been very positive.

After polishing the short story a little bit (goodness that sounds like a euphemism), I turned my attention to the fantasy story that I worked on most of last year.

It’s… uh… pretty bad.

It’s actually so bad that I probably won’t fix it.  I’ll just treat what I’ve done so far as an outline and start over.

As bad as that story is, seeing it for what it is was a good experience for me.  I can see how much I’ve grown as a writer, just in the last few months.  I don’t make the same sloppy mistakes anymore.  I write more quickly than I did last year, and the quality of the work that I produce now is much improved.  It’s good to know.

I may want to change my writing plan, actually.  My plan was to finish the first draft of that story while I let the Mel Walker story cool off.  I’m not sure I can keep going, tacking on new stuff to the end of the old.  If I’m already planning on starting over with it, this could be a circumstance where there’s no time like the present.

While thinking about it, I decided I should dust the cob webs off my blog, too.  It’s been a long time since I’ve posted anything.  I’ve missed it.