Missed My 30 Year Reunion

My senior year of high school was 1990-91, which meant we should probably have had a 30 year reunion in 2020 or 2021. Probably thanks to Covid, the reunion didn’t happen.

I say “probably” because I didn’t see anything about it from anyone. Before I talk more about that, let’s talk about my 10 and 20 year reunions, which I did attend.

I remember feeling a little bit nervous going into the 10 year reunion. I was not particularly popular. I’m still not, but I have better tools for dealing with that now.

My 10 year reunion was after I finished my time in the Air Force. I had an okay job at the time, had just bought a home in Sacramento, and my kids were the cutest ages, 2 and 3. I may have been nervous going in, but then I felt this swell of confidence come over me, and I was fine. I had a good time, and I genuinely enjoyed seeing a bunch of people I hadn’t talked to in a decade.

Another 10 years rolled by, and I went to my 20 year reunion. The first reunion, I went by myself. Melissa came with me for the next, and I expected it to be a really good time. I had an okay job, my kids were doing great, and the only debt we had was the rest of the mortgage.

The 20 year reunion was weird. I felt very disconnected from everyone, and it was like these adults were trying to force the same social dynamics we engaged in during high school. Maybe that’s how most reunions go, but I don’t remember feeling it at the first reunion. Melissa and I left a little bit early, and I remember feeling profoundly sad about the whole thing.

Covid probably ensured there would be no 30 year reunion. How do I feel about that?

At this point in my life, I have a great job. My house is paid off and I have no debt. My kids are adults and doing great. I’m very proud of them. I’ve succeeded in getting a short story published. I have more accomplishments to be proud of at this point in my life than any other.

I don’t need to hang out with a bunch of near-50-year-olds in order to feel validation. People that repeatedly made me feel awkward or insignificant.

It might have been nice to attend just one more reunion, just to see if time and experience might have turned us all into decent people that could get along and be happy for each other. There are still a few people from high school that I see on Facebook, and they seem like nice people.

Covid robbed many of us of wonderful opportunities. Missing my 30 year high school reunion might have been a blessing in disguise, however.

Maybe we’ll see what comes up in 2030-31.