It’s Still February 3rd Somewhere…

This is getting posted technically on Sunday, but from my perspective, it’s still Saturday.

We’ve had hail, and rain, and sunshine the last couple of days. I’ve been cold and not feeling super awesome all day. Not feeling particularly sick, but I’ve had a headache and I’ve been tired all day. I tried napping and it didn’t work.

I wound up spending most of the day on my work laptop, thinking about work I need to do, but not really doing it. Without focus and energy, it’s hard for me to do anything, including writing these posts.

Still, here is something. I’ll post another on Sunday night. It’ll be… fine? I’m the arbiter of this contest, of which I’m the sole participant.

This is what writing is like, too. There are days where you wake up late, and you can’t put the words together, and you don’t achieve your goals. You have a choice on days like this, to either let it get to you, or take it in stride and keep going.

This is how you deal with rejection.

This is how you deal with unrealized dreams.

You figure out what happened, and then you keep going.

I’ll talk to you all again real soon.

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