Another Rough Day

It’s nearly midnight, and I don’t want to post too late so today’s will be brief.

The Day Job really, really sucked today. A coworker I really respect retired today. Changes I made in production went badly, even though it was thoroughly tested before it went out. The work has piled up, and in spite this being a 3 day weekend, I’m going to need to work quite a bit of it.

I’ll get back to working on the elemental firefighter story soon.

Some days you get the bear. Then there’s days like today.

One thought on “Another Rough Day

  1. There’s a song from Jim Croce that gets stuck in my head every time I hear the lines about ‘there’s sometimes when you eat the bear, and sometimes the bear eats you’. It’s okay, I won’t share, but I’m thinking of you. Best of luck at getting some time to write.

    I need to fix my blog.

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