Sasquan Day 2 Recap

This was a day of walking.

Melissa and I got up early by convention standards, but not quite early enough to get a full breakfast.  We wound up getting muffins and coffee from the lobby Starbucks.  Then, we hit the street and walked to the convention center.

We made it just in time to meet up with the Walk with the Stars group.  Every WorldCon has one of these in the morning.  It’s not a race.  It’s more like an amble, or a mosey.  We walked along the path into the park area.  We crossed a bridge and looked at the water flowing.  We saw ducks.  And we visited with other people attending the convention.  The exercise made the blood flow, and stretched our muscles, both physical and social.

After the walk, we sat down and let our legs rest.  I wrote yesterday’s post.  Then we were back on our feet, and attended a number of panels.

Throughout the early part of the day, my head ached.  The pain washed over me in waves, distracting me.  By 1PM, Melissa and I went back up near registration, and picked up teriyaki bowls for lunch.  After eating, I felt a bit bitter.

We enjoyed a couple more panels.  As usual, I took notes, which I’ll decipher at a later time, and post on this site.  By 4PM, we made our way to the art exhibit and looked at all the pretties.  While in the dealers room, I ran into Jennifer Brozek and got to pick her brain about a panel I knew she was on that I was going to miss.

Melissa and I walked back to the Davenport Tower, dropped off our bags, then went and had dinner at the Red Robin.  Then we made our way to the bar where Drinks with Writers was taking place.  We ran into some friends and familiar faces, mingled, and drank a little.

We stayed out as long as we could, but after being on our feet for so long, we were exhausted.  We were closer to the convention center than our hotel at that point, so we made our way to the center and caught a shuttle.  We retired to our room, foregoing the parties altogether.

I don’t remember walking this much at previous cons.  Maybe it’s selective memory?  Sasquan is really spread out, both in terms of where the panels are located, and where the hotels and parties are taking place.  I’ll have to talk to Michael about previous WoldCons he’s attended when I get home, and compare notes.