Norwescon 2024 – Day 3, Finale

Technically, there is one more day, but since we have to leave so early to catch our plan, this is realistically our last day of the con.

Neither one of us felt terrific waking up, We slept badly. Melissa has a bad cold, and the A/C in our room enhanced my morning crud. Once I got out of the room and put some food in me, I was fine. Melissa kept sneezing and coughing, though. We’ve been wearing our masks constantly, and Melissa spent a great deal of time in the room, just to be sure.

I went to a panel on writing with a partner, and I went to several readings. It was good! I capped it off by playing in a short TTRPG. My convention cup runneth over.

This convention was good. I’m glad I came. I met some cool people and did some fun things. It probably didn’t make much financial sense, but that doesn’t have to be a consideration when determining if this was worth it.

Will I do this again next year? I don’t know! Maybe!

Something else I did today… I finished the next revision of The Psychic on the Jury. When I get back to Sacramento tomorrow, I’ll work on the query letter and submit it to Water Dragon. It’s just under 15,000 words, and it’s a perfect stepping stone between The Repossessed Ghost and The Psychic Out of Time. It also doesn’t contain any spoilers for The Repossessed Ghost, so it could be an easier way for people to get into that world.

I want to finish the sequel novel, then write another novella, then finish the series with a third novel. I’ve got plenty to write, and I’m feeling more motivated to get to it. That, alone, makes this Norwescon worth it.