Unpresidented News

I know how it’s spelled. I just like the pun.

It seems, in this moment, like the guy that never has to account for his actions might just face some consequences. Finally.

34 counts. All guilty. The first time he’s ever actually won a popular vote.

Sentencing set for July 11th. Will he face jail time? No. Will he feel the financial sting of the fine? Also no. He got caught for fraud while trying to hide unflattering information, and as much as it made me smile to see the justice system turn out the correct answer, it is not the justice system that will punish him.

If he is to face actual consequences from this, it will be in the form of political capitol. He’s a convicted felon. He’s an embarrassment to the so-called law and order party. He’s been an embarrassment to the family values party.

My smile faded when I thought it all the way through. His followers don’t care that he’s a cheat and a crook. His opponents still see him for what he is. Nothing is actually changed by this.

He’s still allowed to run for president, and he still has a decent shot of winning. He has other felony charges against him in other trials, but his sycophants have seen to it that those trials won’t happen before the election.

For those of us that have been paying attention, watching, waiting for justice to prevail, it’s fine to enjoy the moment and celebrate. After the party, we have to remember that the real fight is in November.

He was found guilty of the thing everyone knew he did. Great. Now what?

That’s the last political post from me for a while. Before this weekend arrives, I’m going to share some good news and talk about Bay Area Book Festival.