Back to School and Writing!

After the amazing week I had last week, it was difficult to get back into the normal schedule.  It was made especially challenging in that this is the week that the Computer Club I’m running just started back up yesterday.  I barely had time to recover from WorldCon before I was up in front of some kids again.

It didn’t go badly.  When I did this last year, it was my first time, and I really didn’t know what I was in for.  Yesterday, it was light and easy.  There weren’t that many kids, and two of them were my own children.  All but one of them were in the club last year, so we all knew what was going on.  It also helps that I made it High School only, rather than 6th grade and above.

I think the club is going to go really well.  I especially think that having the web site for it will make it easier, because I’m going to use it to keep notes as we go along.  It means I’ll be able to maintain a regular, steady pace, and if anyone is absent or falls behind for any reason, they’ll have a place they can go to catch up quickly and easily.  I’m excited about it, and the kids seemed excited about it, too.

After Computer Club, I went to Starbucks and met up with Michael and Cody.  Michael looked even more exhausted than I felt, which is understandable since he has the baby at home.  We talked for a bit, and we were slow to get at the writing.  We did get to it, though.  Cody seemed to be particularly prolific last night, in spite of the fact that he was writing everything by hand.

I only added about 600 words.  It was difficult for me to get that much.  I’m not huge into plotting things out in advance, but I do have a plan when going in, and I do establish milestones to write towards.  One of my problems last night was that I’d passed a milestone, and I haven’t really figured out the next one.

I have a ways to go.  It’s slow going, but I’m taking some comfort in that there is progress, in spite of all the other things going on in my life.  Tonight, I’m going to a Shut Up and Write event.  This weekend, my whole family is doing some kind of 3 mile walk.  I think it involves glow-in-the dark shirts.  And there is still the regular work, an upcoming band performance…

Honestly, 600 words is starting to sound pretty good right now.