Blog-Tober: The End is Near

It’s actually called The Ultimate Blog Challenge, or something like that.  The idea is to post 31 entries in 31 days, and you’re supposed to tweet about it with #blogboost or something like that.  My goal wasn’t to increase my blog traffic, so I didn’t do the hashtags or get into the promotion of it.  I just wanted to see if I could do the daily posts.

This is number 30, and I know what I’m going to be writing later today to make 31.  I can safely say… I’ve done it!  I reached the finish line!

I found this whole experience to be very positive.  I’ve dredged up some stuff that I carry around with me all the time, and I dressed some of it up to be publicly visible.  I’ve stood on my little soapbox and prattled on about whatever topic crossed my mind.  It’s been therapeutic.

It’s also given me a huge boost of confidence, because I’ve been able to keep up with the single post a day schedule.  I didn’t write any of these posts in advance.  I found the time, even on Mondays, to get myself in front of a keyboard and push something onto the server.

After today, I won’t be posting everyday.  I think I do want to keep a schedule, though.  Penny Arcade posts on a Monday, Wednesday, Friday schedule.  I might do that, with an additional Saturday or Sunday thrown in.

For those that have been coming and reading my posts, thank you.  For those that haven’t, you aren’t reading this, so I can say whatever I want about you, and you won’t know it.  So I’ll say: you’re still a lovely person, even if that dress does make you look FAT.

Happy Halloween!

One thought on “Blog-Tober: The End is Near

  1. I have enjoyed your posts and will look forward to more. The Penny Arcade version won’t be the same obviously, but it will be nice.

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